How Pet Owners Can Be Paws-itive They Won’t Lose Their Pets Ever Again

As important as it is to keep track of your keys and cell phone, sometimes the things most valuable to you have four legs and can walk away without you knowing, like your pets.

Every pet owner fears to lose their furry best friend. Whether you are a dog, cat or even a turtle parent – it can be difficult to keep track of your pet at every moment throughout the day. Learn how these Chipolo users rest easy knowing they can locate their pet wherever their four-legged adventure might take them.

My Run-Away Dogs

My two border collies, Buster Posey and Jordy Nelson, are always interested in what’s happening around our house. With so much curiosity, they have learned how to unlock every door – even the garage! I used to have to drive around the neighborhood for hours searching for them. The moment I came across Chipolo I knew I didn’t have to worry anymore.

What I love so much about Chipolo is how durable it is. With two active dogs, you can never predict what they will do next, but with Chipolo’s resistant feature I don’t have to worry about them breaking it. Now when they get out of the house, all I do is grab my phone and I can find them in an instant! 

Mike from Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Ever Wonder Where Your Cat Wanders?

My cat loves to be outside, but she has never been good at finding her way back home. After spending countless hours looking for her, I decided I needed something to simplify my search, and that’s when I came across Chipolo. Chipolo’s lightweight design allowed me to attach it to her collar without her even noticing it’s there.

Now, it takes me 15 minutes tops to find her. When I’m ready to have her back inside all I have to do is walk through the woods until my phone picks up the Chipolo. When it starts to ring I can locate her right away and bring her back home. Chipolo has eliminated the stress of running around to find her, and made me a very happy cat mom!

Karen, Nottingham, UK

Do you use Chipolo to track you pet? We want to know how! Share your user story with us at [email protected].

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