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Chipolo CARD Spot
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Sache toujours où se trouve
ton portefeuille.
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Besoin d'aide
pour trouver
tes affaires?

Chipolo t'aide à retrouver
tes effets personnels
facilement et rapidement.

Salut Chipolo!

Découvre Chipolo et son application qui te permettront de remettre la main sur tes objets égarés en un rien de temps!

  • “Instead of arriving at work to realize you had forgotten your item, you will receive the notification to return home to retrieve the item. Personally, that feature was the most beneficial of them all.”

  • “So what makes Chipolo ONE different than other item trackers? The main thing is that all the features are included in the purchase price.”

  • “Finding lost bags, phones and wallets doesn't need to be a time-consuming chore”

  • “Chipolo One’s out-of-range alerts work like a charm.”

  • “Chipolo offers for free what the competition charges a premium subscription for.”

  • “The Chipolo One's alarm is even louder, at 120 decibels. I could hear it from two rooms away, even when I buried the Chipolo One in a pile of laundry.”

L’application Chipolo est également disponible en français.