A popular gadget that will help your kids
    become more responsible.

    Your kids will attach the Chipolo to the belongings they often misplace or lose and connect them to their phone via Bluetooth.

    This will help them find their keys in no time and recover their forgotten wallet before it gets stolen.

    Only $24.99


    An egg-cellent gift idea for any Easter basket

    Chipolo Plus comes in 7 lively spring colors.

    So you can choose the one that matches your child's personal style.

    Chipolo is easy to set up, even easier to use.

    Chipolo is a colorful Bluetooth tracker that helps
    you find things you care about in seconds
    with an easy-to-use app, available for iPhones and Android phones.

    Worldwide delivery as quick as a bunny

    We deliver Chipolo with our Express Courier Service worldwide and you'll have us knocking on your door in 3 working days!
    So even if you're in the habit of putting it off until last minute, don't worry, there's plenty of time...

    Take advantage of our 4-pack discount.

    A 30% discount is applied when buying a 4-pack, so it will only cost you $17.50 per piece.

    Hint: each Chipolo is still individually packed, so they can be placed in separate baskets

    Why haven't we thought of this before?

    "Kids are a blessing, but the never ending game of 'Mom, where's my phone / keys / wallet / backpack / ... ?' used to drive me nuts.
    Now, when we're looking for something, we simply check the Chipolo App on our phone and make it ring".

    Anna from Seattle