Find your keys in seconds. Ring them with one tap from the Chipolo app on your phone.

Replaceable battery


Gold stars 143 Reviews

Chipolo's most popular model, for those who prefer a replaceable battery. Available in 6 vibrant colors.


  • Ring Chipolo from your phone
  • Ring your phone with Chipolo
  • See it on a map
  • Community Search
  • Voice controlled


1.38 inch x 0.2 inch (35mm x 5 mm)


200ft - line of sight (60m)




Standard replaceable battery - CR2025. Lasts up to 9 months


Compatible with iOS 9 and later, and devices running Android 4.4 and later. 

See full list of officially supported devices.


Each Chipolo is packed individually.

Color - Color Mix

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1+ million

More than 1 million users are using Chipolo products and services.


High app ratings
on iOS and Android.

50.000-items-day50.000items / day

Chipolo helps find more than 50.000 lost items every day.

Find your things
in 3 simple steps


1. Easy to attach

Attach Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose. Connect it to the free Chipolo app.


2. Ring your misplaced things

Ring Chipolo from the app or double press Chipolo to ring your phone.


3. Check on the map

Forgot your item behind? The app remembers when and where you
last had it.

Gold stars rating

42 Reviews


Value for money

Bought my wife one last year so decided to treat myself to one. Works great.


Way more effective than Tile

I've used a few different bluetooth "trackers" and "finders" and they always have some issue or another, usually with actually being findable at the critical time that you need them. I stumbled upon Chipolo on a Google search and decided to give one a try. These things are awesome! Not only do they come in a variety of colors (so they can be subtle or loud depending on your loss patterns) but they actually WORK. I can now tell my phone or my Echo to find my Chipolo and the device immediately rings until I find it and turn it off. It does what it says it does and that's all I ever wanted. Oh yeah, you can replace the battery when it dies! I'm very pleased with this product!


Reliable & Has Saved Me Many Times!

Received as a gift about 2+ years ago. Recently changed the battery & Im back to buy another. (I also had the pebble bee on same key chain but it came apart- no idea when or where, just noticed one day that one side with battery was gone.) It's always been nearby when lost (either phone or keys), but in a place I never would have found it if I didn't have the Chipolo attached. It's lightweight, not fancy. First time I used it after setting it up was several months later. completely forgot I had it but had app installed on phone and it worked flawlessly.


Quality Product

User friendly and a good product.


Does what it says on the tin

I'm terrible for losing keys but the Chipolo key finder has changed that. I highly recommend this for anyone in the same boat.


Works well in both directions

Got these for the Mrs - always losing either keys or phone. Pressing the fob rings the phone, and the app rings the keys - Perfect! Easy to set up, custom button on the home screen makes it easy to trigger.


Very handy

If you are like me and tend to misplace your keys at random places in the house, you definetily need this! The device can be heard from any room at home which is very useful.I would recommend it greatly!


never loose keys or phone again !

Bought for son in law always looses everything he loves it !



Easy to use and works


Great Tracker, for those who lose things at home

Chipolo is great! I use it for my wallet and keys as I misplace them in the house a lot. It has a tracker for your maps but the downside is it's bluetooth, so once its out of range it says "Mark as Lost" and shows a last seen location, so if someone steals its and moves it, your dust. So if your the kind of person who loses stuff at home or somewhere where u can hear it, this is for you, but its not good long range. PS: The audio they emit is pretty loud so that's not an issue for most.One thing that might confuse some is that since its Bluetooth if you want to connect to another BT device, the chipolo disconnects and this is not true, as long as your BT on your phone is on, your good to go.


Works well on Bluetooth. Hit-or-miss when out of Bluetooth range.

I previously had the sealed unit Chipolo, so when the battery ran out, I had to buy a whole new one.This time, I decided to try the Classic version, with the replaceable battery, a few pounds more, but hopefully more cost-effective in the long run. It looks pretty much the same size/shape as the sealed version, except that there are two tiny slits - one on each side of the unit, which you use for opening it up. I've (carefully) opened it, looked inside, then closed it again, with no problems.It's quite secure when closed - it's been jangling about on my keys, in my pocket, on my belt, for 3 weeks, and it hasn't come open.USE: It works perfectly when it's connected to my phone by Bluetooth, which is when I'm most likely to use it - using my phone to find my keys in the house, or using my keys to find where I've left my phone. It's been used more than once, has a decent audible volume, and it's saved me a lot of hassle.If I'm out of Bluetooth range, it's definitely a hit-or-miss thing. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't - I suppose it depends on the strength of the network and how many other Chipolas are nearby. For example, I attached it to my friend's dog's collar, but once the dog was out of sight, we couldn't track him, not until he was back in Bluetooth range.So to sum up, I like it. I'm more likely to use it in the house on Bluetooth, and it's worked every time that way. Out of Bluetooth range, it's not so reliable.


Easy small highly rated tech gifts

Both sons enjoyed receiving these for Xmas.


Works Great!

Have used in numerous times- saved me hours looking for my keys!


Excellent product/value

I love this product!!! It's super-easy to install, unobtrusive on a key ring, and works to locate both keys and phone! It's well worth the reasonable price.


Very Good - Bit of extra set up on Huawei phones required

I have one of these on my keys & a chipolo card in my wallet - they work well/as intended but do need some additional fiddling in Huawei phone settings to keep the app running in the background.



Fantastic gift for my son who loses his keys wallet and phone in a daily basis!!


Good product

Great product, recommend over tile due to being able to replace battery.


A Gift

Given as a gift


Perfect for the scatterbrained like myself

As a guy with a head like a sieve, with kids who misplace their keys, this has been really useful


Does what it says on the box

My daughter bought me one over a year ago, because I could never find my keys.A friend saw me using it and thought it was fantastic.My recently purchased Chipolo classic will be in their stocking on Christmas morning.


Found it

Great product for someone that misplaced things


Son liked it so much he bought a new one this year

I Purchased This item for my son who is always losing his keys and wallet. It actually helped him find his wallet when it fell out of his pocket at a friends house. He loved it so much that he bought a new one this year.


Very Useful

Very helpful. Always misplacing my keys or I lay my phone down some where and then forget.


Love it!

Such an amazing product that works both ways and is durable!! Love it!


Works well

Currently seems to work. Now just need to loose them...


Fantastic product!

Love everything about my Chipolo! Looks cool on my keys and it has already saved me a lot of time and stress searching for my keys! Would definitely recommend! I'll be sure to buy some of these as gifts for Christmas :D


Lost your keys? No problem!

If you're like me and throw your keys in any old random place when you get in after a long day at work and then forget the next day, then Chipolo is for you. Just go onto the app to make your chi polo ring or, if you can't find your phone and have your keys just double press Chipolo.


Really useful bit of kit

Having previously had a Tile, I thought I'd give Chipolo a go, and I'm really happy so far! Although I went for black this time, I really like the fun range of colours it comes in ( about to order a yellow one to keep in my purse). It was really easy to set up, just download the app, sync and go. I'm a fan of the replaceable battery - meaning I'm not going to need to replace the whole device in a year. Although I only ordered it a few days ago, i've already used it to locate my keys after they fell down the side of the sofa. Would love to have the ability to have a water-resistant device AND a replaceable battery, which no one seems to do at the moment (I guess it's too hard to guarantee water resistance if part of the case is removable).


Perfect for someone who misplaces their keys all the time

As someone who leaves their keys lying about, this is perfect for me. I used to spend so much time looking for my keys I misplaced so having it is a lifesaver! The app is easy to use as well so I'm really happy with this!


Keys safe

Seems to work once set up wife happy to be able to locate her important keys


Great product

Great product


Girlfriend loves this!

Got this for my girlfriend as a stocking filler at Christmas, she's always losing her keys and her phone and it's always when we are about to go out! This is amazing! It's loud enough to hear in the house, you can see where your keys are on a map if they're lost, the phone ring feature is awesome! I couldn't recommend this enough, definitely THE best money spent in 2018! Easy to install, it's discreet and not too bulky, incredible time saver, could not sing its praises enough, would recommend to anyone who loses their phone/keys on a regular basis!


Excellent, does what says on the tin

This is a fantastic and reliable little tracking gadget. For the price you can't really go wrong, and it's always attached to my keys.


The chipolo classic gives you peace of mind

The chipolo classic does everything it says it should do. I'm very happy with the product. Especially because i can change out the battery if needed. I always know where my keys are!


Fantastic for the forgetful folks!

I had a Chipolo Classic that was given to me as a gift. I lose my keys ALL the time so it was perfect. I had no idea key finders were so inexpensive. Now I have one on my keys and the chip card in my wallet. Love the app for it to with the map feature for where it was last left.


I love my new Chipolo

I love my new Chipolo!! The app is so easy to use, I had it set up in no time. This will be a lifesaver for my entire family. I like that you can change the battery as well.Kadie


Slim fit

works great


so easy to work with this company

chat line is fast and efficient unlike so many of their competitors. really like with working with chipolo.


Not a lot

Very good if losing keys or phone


Works awesome

Love it


Great little product

Works very wellThe ringer is pretty loud


Great product that you can trust to find your keys ect when you are in a rush.

Brilliant product that has saved the day many times so far and the ability to link them to more than 1 phone is great. This allows you to track stuff down even faster plus the history shows you were it's been last. Sometimes it can be hard to hear the alert tone when it's in a bag or smothered somewhere but you will find what your looking for and sometimes in a place you would never have thought of looking .

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