Chipolo Community to the Rescue

From day one, Chipolo is a story about a community. It was invented because a handful of friends wanted to help one of them keep track of his belongings. And while our community grew, the basics are still the same. We’re still a group of friends and family trying to help each other out. Only now, we’re online and everyone’s welcome to join.

So next time you forget your wallet or keys in that coffee shop or bar, that doesn’t have to be the end of it. With the Chipolo app and a Chipolo attached, you can ask the Chipolo community to help with the search, completely anonymously and with a simple tap on your phone.

We made it so easy for everyone to help. Each time someone taps the ‘Notify when Found’ button in the Chipolo app, the whole community anonymously joins in on the search. Think about it - you’re lending a helping hand to the community just by having Chipolo app running on your phone.

Want to see how?

So next time, don’t worry, the Chipolo Community is here to help!

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