Packaging Designer (project)

Chipolo is a scale-up company based in Trbovlje, with an office in Ljubljana, which presented an innovative object finder on Kickstarter in 2013 and has since grown into a successful internationally renowned company with 40 employees and more than 2 million products sold worldwide.

The Chipolo brand is established in the technology world as one of the best brands in the field of object finders and has received numerous awards, such as the CES 2019 Innovation award for the upcoming LTE tracker. We are collaborating with some of the largest companies, such as Google and Apple and we ship products to 195 countries around the world.

We believe in a better and smarter way of searching for misplaced and lost things. Our mission is to give every object the power to be found.


We are looking for an experienced packaging designer that could help us rethink the way we ship and display our products in stores.

Our aim is to deliver a memorable unboxing experience to our customers and reflect our commitment to the environment.

We are looking for talent from across the globe that could work with us remotely in bringing our new vision to the shelves and mailboxes.


Structural Concept Design Phase

  • Create a concept based on all relevant inputs (pencil sketches)

  • Create 3D concept renderings based on the pencil sketches (cca. 3)

  • Create the final concept (high res render)

  • Take great care of the unboxing UX

  • Define the basic CMF

  • Define materials

Structural Engineering Phase

  • Work with our packaging partner to finalize the packaging (blank sample)

  • Consider price, quantity etc.


  • 1st March - 1st April (conceptual phase)

  • 1st April - 1st May (structural phase)


  • Minimum 3 packaging projects completed

  • Experience with materials (paper, pulp, PVC) and technologies used in packaging design

  • Fluent in English

  • Ability to work in a team and value good team relationships

Apply by sending us your CV and/or Portfolio by 20 February 2022 to [email protected].

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