Chipolo x Hadoro – Introducing The First Traceable Passport Cover

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Travelling this summer? We might just have the perfect travel accessory you didn’t even know you need!

Introducing the Hadoro Passport cover – the new passport cover that combines premium materials with smart tracking technology, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding traveller.

Travel with peace of mind

The first-ever traceable passport cover was created by Hadoro Paris, the luxury designer of custom phone cases and tech accessories in collaboration with Chipolo, the Bluetooth finder maker that helps people worldwide find 50.000 items every day.

Passport cover alligator finishing stainless steel color peony blue chipolo finder Passport cover alligator finishing stainless steel color peony blue chipolo finder

Available in two different variations, natural calfskin leather and genuine alligator leather, the Hadoro passport cover is assembled and designed by experienced craftsmen. Because only natural materials are used, the colour, grain, and texture of each individual cover is slightly different, adding a unique feel to each one.

Hadoro passport cover red chipolo finder Hadoro passport cover red chipolo finder

Inside, the Hadoro passport cover holds a flap for the passport on one side and the Chipolo Card slot and an additional pocket for your cards on the other side. The Chipolo tracker is stored directly underneath the H logo embedded on the outside, so you don’t even have to open the cover to use it; just press he H logo twice!

Find your passport by making it ring with Chipolo

You can make your missing passport cover ring with a few simple taps on your phone, or you can use your passport cover to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

The initial passport finder is completed in a few simple steps and will work both on Android and iOS devices. Download the Chipolo app to your phone and connect your Hadoro passport cover tracker to it, following the simple instructions available in the app.

Passport cover alligator finishing stainless steel color peony blue chipolo finder 4 Passport cover alligator finishing stainless steel color peony blue chipolo finder 4

The app will also show the location of your passport cover on a map, and additionally, you can also activate the Out Of Range notifications, so that when your passport cover is too far away and loses its connection, you will receive an alert on your phone.

And if you’re ever unable to locate your passport, you can mark it as lost in the Chipolo app to activate the Chipolo community search. If another Chipolo user walks by your passport and picks up on its location with their Chipolo app, you will receive a notification about its location. The community search is completely anonymous and if you happen to find your passport, you can cancel the search with one tap in the Chipolo app.

Hadoro passport cover features:

  • Dimensions (WxL, folded), weight (grams): 10 x 14,5 cm, 59 g
  • High-quality leather exterior and soft interior
  • Hadoro “H” logo in metal with a variety of finishes
  • Additional card slot
  • Handcrafted in France
  • 2 Chipolo CARD trackers included per passport cover

Chipolo Card features:

  • Connection range: 60 m (200 ft) - line of sight
  • Water-resistant (IPX5 standard)
  • 1-year non-replaceable battery
  • Compatible with iOS 12.4 and later and devices running Android 7 and later

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