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Never Lose Your Kid’s Favorite Toy With a Bluetooth Tracker

September 12, 2016

As all parents know, young children often latch onto a special item, such as a stuffed animal or blanket. This item can help the child to self-soothe, and many kids become extremely upset if they can’t find their special thing. It’s a nightmare scenario that no parent wants to face.

As a parent, you need a strategy for dealing with situations where your child loses his or her favorite toy. Kids are easily distracted and often discard their blankies, only to become inconsolable when they can’t find them a moment later. You can head off many meltdowns if you ensure you always know where to find the toy.

How to Track Your Child’s Favorite Toy

The solution to the problem of lost toys is a small Bluetooth tracker. Many people use this kind of device to keep track of their car keys, but you can also use it to head off tantrums and tears. Chipolo is an example of a Bluetooth tracker that is very suitable for use in this situation.

How Bluetooth Trackers Work

Simply attach a Bluetooth tracker to your child’s favorite toy and you will always be able to find it, as long as it is within the range of your phone or iPad. All you need to do is use the mobile app to send a signal to the tracker, which will make a loud noise, so you can find the item even if it’s become lodged down the back of the sofa or rolled under the bed.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Tracker

The key to choosing a Bluetooth tracker is to select one that offers a high level of quality. Consider both the build quality of the tracking device and the quality of the app that it partners with. Chipolo offers excellent quality in both regards, as the app is extremely easy to use.

Steer clear of cheaper Bluetooth trackers, which aren’t likely to stand up to the rough handling that a small child can impose on them and could even harm your child. Chipolo has fewer hard corners and weighs less than other trackers, so it’s the most suitable for use on a child’s toy.

Features to Look for in a Bluetooth Tracker

The ability to share a Bluetooth tracker between several mobile devices is extremely useful, particularly when it comes to children’s toys. Chipolo allows you to share your tracker with up to four people, who could include the child’s grandparents or babysitter.That means these people can join in the hunt for the lost toy.

Some Bluetooth trackers have a ring-back feature, which allows you to shake the device in order to call your phone. This is useful in many situations, but not when you’re planning to put the tracker in the hands of a young child. Thankfully, Chipolo allows you to turn off this feature, removing the chance of your child constantly ringing your phone by shaking the toy.

How to Use a Bluetooth Tracker

The best way to use a Bluetooth tracker is to sew it to an exterior part of the soft toy. You could also use a safety pin to attach the Bluetooth tracker to the toy. What you need to keep in mind is that you will need to remove the tracker when washing the toy. Even the water-resistant trackers can’t always withstand a trip through the washing machine or dryer.

Find Your Perfect Bluetooth Tracker Today

Don’t wait until your child loses his or her self-soothe item to purchase a Bluetooth tracker. Buy Chipolo today and use this simple device which will take the stress out of parenting.