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How to avoid the December loss

December 09, 2016

According to statistical data, December is peak time for losing things like wallets, keys and phones. The highest chances of losing an item is on Saturday at 6PM. In the era of Bluetooth trackers, this can easily be avoided.

The Bermuda Triangle of lost things

Research has shown that between New York, Chicago and Atlanta there are more items lost per capita, than any other parts of the USA. And if you're from the UK, beware of the Bermuda Triangle which is located between Aberdeen, Birmingham, and London.

Those are quite interesting facts, but it's still only statistics. It does not mean that the probability of you losing an item gets higher if you enter this area. The chances of losing things are mostly dependent on your behavior, state of mind and the coincidences.

How to avoid losing?

It has been proven that stress and multitasking exacerbate our propensity to misplace or lose items. In a fast-paced world, there's not really a lot you can do to avoid that. But you can still avoid the loss, especially if you own a Bluetooth Tracker.

Following this tips will decrease the probability of losing an item, even during the December peak time!

  • Rank your items.Think about the items that are most endangered to be lost. Usually, those are the ones you carry around and often move them from one place to another. Probably house keys, car keys, wallet, your kid's favorite toy?
  • Secure them. Attach Chipolo to each of your items and connect them to the app on your phone.
  • Enable connectivity. Make sure you always have your Bluetooth and GPS turned on on your phone. This is the only way that Chipolo and your phone can stay synced.
  • Bluetooth as checklist. When you are in a hurry, simply open the app and check if all of your Chipolos are connected. This is how you will quickly know if you left something behind.
  • Ring it. When your item is misplaced, just use the app to ring it. Or use Chipolo to ring your phone.
  • Share. Share the Chipolo on shared items with other members of the family. If you and your partner both use the same car key, you can both track them with your phone at the same time.

How to find an item when it's lost?

Having Chipolo attached to your item significantly increases your chances of finding it. Simply follow this tips:

  • Last known location. Check the app to see where you last had it? Then return to this location.
  • Go back.When you arrive at the last seen location, walk around a little bit and keep checking your app to see if Chipolo will connect wit your phone. If it does, simply ring it and locate it by sound. If it doesn't follow the other tips.
  • Expand your search.Mark your Chipolo as lost from the app. This way you will be updated about its location if any another user with Chipolo app on his/her phone comes near it.
  • Intensify search. Increase the chances of finding your lost Chipolo by asking people that usually move around that area (co-workers or family members) to download the Chipolo app. This way you will be able to run your own search party, without actually doing anything.

If you still won't be able to find it, contact Chipolo support and our team will go through the whole search process with you again. Just in case you missed something.