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Chipolo saved me from losing priceless family photo

April 10, 2017

"I'll be forever grateful for the Chipolo that my kids gave me for my birthday. It saved me from losing my wallet, having to replace all my documents and most importantly, from losing a priceless family photo from my childhood."

"I lost my wallet once before and it was a terrible experience. I left it in a coffee shop and it took 2 hours before I realised that it's gone, needless to mention the hours I spend trying to find it. I returned to every single location I was that day, only to find that I left it on a table in the coffee shop. The waitress remembered seeing my wallet, but said someone must have taken it before she could put it aside."

"I had to cancel all my credit cards, which took almost 2 hours. I had to borrow some money from an acquaintance I bumped into on the street, just to be able to get to the nearest police station. I filled out the report and went home, feeling terrible. I spend the entire afternoon looking for my wallet, cancelling my credit cards, filling out this form and that form... I have no idea how many hours I spent arranging to get new documents, credit cards, membership cards, and filling out more and more forms. Plus it cost me around $200 to replace everything."


"After that misfortunate event, my kids bought me a Chipolo for my birthday. Knowing how much I love to try out new gadgets, they didn't think twice about it. I am still amazed that something like Chipolo exists and how a simple device can change your everyday life. I dropped mine in my wallet and it didn't take very long for me to use it." 


"I became really careful after I lost my wallet the first time around. I always double checked my pockets before going anywhere. But sometimes I still misplaced it. Or it drops out of my pocket. Like at my last doctor's appointment. In the middle of the checkup I realised my wallet is missing, so I immediately checked my phone. The last location was the doctor's address, so it must have been still in the building. I asked the nurse to check if it's in the waiting room, but she couldn't find it. I went to check myself and it was nowhere to be seen. I returned to the app and it was not connected, and therefore should be close by. I rang it, and found it under a pile of magazines on the chair. You can image how relieved I felt."


"Chipolo is like one of those things you don't really appreciate, until something like this happens. But when it does, you'll be grateful that you were prepared and secured your things with Chipolo, like I am."


"I can't even think about losing my wallet again. All that frustration with the credit cards and documents and a million forms....I don't want to go through all of that ever again. But not only that, the second time around I would also lose a very dear photo of my late grandfather that I just got from my mom. That is the one thing I could never replace." 


Pierre, Montreal