Why I wish I had Chipolo when I was pregnant

When I was pregnant, it was like someone was deleting my short-term memory all the time. I got up (wasn’t easy considering my xxl belly) to get something from the kitchen and when I got there, I forgot why I came there in a first place. Yes, it was probably to get some food.

Now, you can imagine what my mornings looked like. I got up at 5.20, only 40 minutes before my train ride to work, so I was already in a hurry (but didn’t want to give up any minutes of sleep). This is how my typical morning looked like. I got up, ate my breakfast, washed my teeth, did my quick morning make up, got dressed and wanted to leave. Wanted. But couldn’t find my keys to lock the door. Oh right, I left them in my other purse. Wanted to leave again. Oh wait, where is my phone? I looked everywhere. In the couch, under the bed, on washing maschine, under the kitchen table, even in the fridge (you never know). Spend 20 minutes searching for it, only to find it in my purse. I already put it there but didn’t see it when I checked. I swear I spent at least one hour every day, searching for my keys, my wallet, my phone, the remote controller, my brain. I missed my bus and my train ride at least once a week. I wish I had Chipolo back then. It would have saved me a lot of time and my boyfriend’s nerves.

So, if you know any pregnant lady who is suffering from pregnancy brain, please tell her about Chipolo. She’ll be grateful.

Natalie, Netherlands