Tips for traveling without stress

Yeey, it’s finally time for a short vacation! All you need to do is pack your things and get to the wanted destination, then the enjoyment can begin!

Awwgh, well traveling is not pleasent at all times, you need to get over the stressful part first. Thinking about not forgetting anything important and not losing it on the way can be overwhelming. Especially if you are traveling with small children.

Here are some tips for you to survive the travel with little or no stress:

 1. Always keep in mind why you are doing it. The thought about vacation that is awaiting often reduces the stress caused by the process of getting there.

 2. Pack your things one day before your departure, so you won’t be in a hurry.

 3. Prepare a list of the most important things that you absolutely cannot survive without. Put those somewhere together and just before you are about to go, check once again if you have everything.

 4. Put Chipolo on your car keys, house keys and in your wallet. If you have small children, we recommend you to put one on their favourite toy, too. This is how you will know they are close at your hand at all times.

 5. Include your favourite songs on your playlist and sing along if you’re traveling by car.

 6. Take a stop when you get annoyed or if you feel tired. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure to take an interesting book with you or download a movie to your laptop or tablet.

 7. Think about upcoming vacation. All the time.