The evolution of finding things


It’s been three years now since we started our mission to solve the humanity’s most common problem of losing things. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to be able to find the things they care about fast and with no stress. Chipolo has been a real success and we are so happy to hear your stories about finding your nearly lost belongings, like kid’s favourite toy, house keys or your backpack with your precious belongings.

When we were thinking about our next product, these are the things we considered:

1)    How can we expand the area of things people can put Chipolo on?

2)    How can we reduce the amount of time people need to devote for product maintenance?

3)    How can we make it even easier for a person to locate misplaced item?

4)    How can we make our product look even better?

Our great support team, who is available for you 24/7, gave us really precious insights into your feedbacks. We spend numerous hours finding new options, testing them, then go back and find some more. Until we came up with solutions that made us proud.

And now we can’t wait to show you what we came up with! Make sure you come see us on Wednesday October 5, when we’ll release our brand new product.