Stop losing your things when traveling

So: you’re in standing in front of the door to your hotel room with sand and suntan lotion all over you. You’ve got all kinds of stuff in your arms piled up to your chin, including sunglasses, towel, beach bag, e-reader, half a can of soda, mobile, earphones, and—no keys.

Dang it. Where’d you put your keys? Why, you’re sure you—wait! You feel for it, trying to reach the flap of your bag with a finger. Then everything starts to slip and topple.

Finally, with everything in a heap on the floor and soda frothing on the carpet, you start rummaging for your keys. You’re feeling both embarrassed and frustrated. Surely there must be a sensible way to keep you from constantly losing things!

Sound familiar? You are not alone. For centuries, people have been trying to come up with solutions to stop them losing, or misplacing their everyday things—especially while traveling or vacationing.

Perhaps unfamiliar places or surroundings make us more forgetful because we have more things to remember. Be that as it may, wouldn’t it be great to have something that could prevent us from forgetting to remember—something that really works?

That something is Chipolo.


What is Chipolo?

Utilizing Bluetooth technology, Chipolo is a battery-operated, plastic disc tag the size of a commemorative coin that you can attach to things you don’t want to lose or misplace—and it’s catching on fast. If you’re about to pack up the family and head for the hills or the seaside for the summer, now’s a good time to invest in a couple of Chipolo’s. Available in a range of bright and happy colors, they’re sure to take a lot of hassle out of the holidays. Keeping track of your keys, phone, wallet, and any other travel essentials will be a breeze; you’ll never leave anything behind—or lose anything—again.

Ease of Use

Say you can’t find your phone. Instead of racking your brain trying to remember where you put it, or spending time retracing your steps, shake your Chipolo, and your phone will ring.  Your phone doesn’t even have to be at your house to be located. If you think you left it in your hotel room, log onto our web app, and it’ll show up on a map. You can send a message to your phone that’ll display on the screen so that whoever finds it can get in touch with you.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard for it to work, either. Setup is quick and super-easy, and there’s an app available on iOS and Android. Within minutes, you can create an account and pair the device with your phone. If you’re prone to lose your car keys, attach a Chipolo to them. When they’re somewhere hidden out of sight, ring them; your Chipolo will emit a very loud tone, so you’ll find your keys in no time! 

Tips for Current Users

Besides the basic functions, some users may not be aware of other convenient features. If you share your Chipolo with your family or other co-travelers, you can use your friend or family member’s Chipolo app to locate your stuff. Connect your collection of consumer electronics; by creating different accounts and sending a request from one to the other, you can keep track of all your devices. 

Make Chipolo Your Must-Have Travel Accessory

Before you leave on your seven-day cruise, your backpacking trip through Europe, your family trek to Disney World or the beach, or your short weekend getaway, make sure you have all your travel essentials tagged. The sheer peace of mind that all your personal items are only a call or shake away will undoubtedly contribute toward making your summer break loads of carefree fun.