Sandra Marinovic, a professional model: “Chipolo has my back!”


Working as a professional model on a tight schedule, I always have a million things in mind, and a whole lot of personal belongings which I can’t afford to lose or forget somewhere. Since I’m traveling a lot, having a Chipolo on my keys, wallet, purse and travel bag take a lot of stress off me because I simply don’t have time to think about where I put this things. And I do admit that I often put my car keys and my phone to some strange place, I would never think of when looking for it.

In the past I was often late for a casting, just because I couldn’t find my car keys. I was already out, standing in front of my car, ready to go and the only thing missing were my keys. I started digging in my purse, and then I remembered that I put them in a drawer. I thought to myself, ok, no one will blame me for being 10 minutes late. I went back to my apartment, only to find out that my keys aren’t where they supposed to be. Now, I don’t have these problems anymore. I just look on my Chipolo App and immediately know where my keys are. I don’t even have to ask someone to ring my phone anymore, because I can do that myself, just shaking my Chipolo. Now I can be sloppy without worrying, because I know that Chipolo has my back.


And the best thing is that I don’t even have to hide it. Since it’s so stylish, I just choose the appropriate color and match it with my styling. It looks so good on my designer purses and I even got a few compliments when going on a casting with it. It is a perfect little gadget because it looks like an accessory.