Recipe for a colorful drink

Are you the kind of person who wants to make your Christmas gifts something special? We have a colorful idea for you! 

We wanted to make a colorful drink to match it with Chipolo colors and we found this really awesome recipe for Skittles vodka. We managed to color the vodka in 5 Chipolo colors!

What you will need for making your own Skittles vodka? 

– 2 packs of Skittles

– 1 vodka

– 5 plastic bottles

– 5 little glass bottles

– gauze

– funnel


Color your vodka!

Sort Skittles by color. Put them individually in plastic bottles and add 3dl of vodka in each bottle. Stirr it well and leave for 3-5 days. In this time the Skittles will color the vodka to look really awesome. The filter the drink using the gauze and pour it in little glass bottles with the help of the funnel.

Now, match it with Chipolo!

Attach Chipolo of matching color to the glass bottle. You can add our greeting card and even add your own dedication. In this way your gift will really be something special!