Mercedes Benz partners with Chipolo to make sure drivers never leave without their car keys


Today automaker Mercedes-Benz announced a partnership with European startup Chipolo to help drivers stay connected to the cars they love. Mercedes-Benz branded Bluetooth finders with Android/ iPhone apps are wirelessly connected to new customer’s car keys so that they can be easily found, ring when requested, and know when and where they became separated from a driver’s phone.

Chipolo Co-Founder, Tadej Jevsevar, said that this announcement is about the mainstream acceptance of Bluetooth finder technology. Our current generation of Bluetooth finders should have a lifetime as long as the keys connected to them and should be as easy to use as a normal phone app.

Chipolo finders have been available online, in major stores throughout Europe and the USA, and have been part of several previous non-Mercedes branding initiatives at the rate of more than one million per year; but for Jevsevar, this partnership is a standout: “We have always looked up to Mercedes as a company that is at the leading edge of innovation, but also is a leader in refinement and quality. We knew their customers would be demanding in both respects. We wanted to avoid some gimmicky technology partnership link and instead, we focused on core product lifespan, ease of use, and general branding compatibility. Our 2nd Gen Chipolo is exactly that”

Fortunate customers in Belgium and Australia will be the first to get the new Mercedes branded key finders.