Looking for a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?

What’s better then something useful, but romantic at the same time? Chipolo and Helix Cuff are perfect for this occasion!


We prepared a very special Chipolo intended just for Valentine’s day. Your love will never have to stress out and spend time looking for his or her things.

Valentine’s Chipolo is a LIMITED EDITION piece, so your love will be one of the 100 people in the world who will own Chipolo with Valentine’s design!





Surprise your loved one and make this Valentine’s Day extraordinary. It can be hard coming up with Valentine’s Day gifts each year, but don’t fret. San Francisco Bay Area based Wearable Fashion Tech startup, Ashley Chloe, has done the work to come up with a unique and thoughtful gift that will really WOW your special someone.

Their flagship product the Helix Cuff™ is the world’s first wearable with extractable Bluetooth® headphones on your wrist. In a sleek form, Helix Cuff™ ensures that fashion and tech are always at hand. The Helix Cuff™ solves the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones in a fashion-forward way.

Check out their website for more Valentine’s Day ideas and enter VDay2016 for special Valentine’s Day preorder discount. Promo code valid until Feb 14, 2016.