Kindergarten stress

And it came. September 2nd, the day I had to take my one year old daughter to kindergarten. It doesn’t seem like a big deal … to the people who don’t have children. But to me it was one of the most stressful days so far. After all I had to leave Emma with a bunch of crying babies and two very kind teacher, but strangers to her.

I prepared her little ladybug backpack the day before so I wouldn’t forget anything. When I woke up, I was nervous already. She probably felt it, too because she was crankier than normally. I was running around the apartment trying to prepare everything. And it felt like I have to take care of million things before we leave, although I only had to dress her and myself up. We were already late, when we were finally ready to leave. We were standing in front of the door; I was holding Emma in one hand her backpack and car keys in the other, when I noticed that my apartment keys are missing in the door lock. Great, now I had to put everything down and search for keys because I really had no clue where I left them. Then I remembered that I just put Chipolo on them one week ago! Lucky me. I took my phone and rang the Chipolo. I heard the beeping sound, coming from the laundry basket. It looked like I had forgotten to take my keys out of the pocket of my jeans which I had thrown in the basket. Oh my, I can’t even imagine how long I would have to look for them if it wasn’t for Chipolo. I would have never thought to look in there because I usually don’t keep them in pockets. Thank you Chipolo! It is a perfect gadget for mums in stress and constant hurry!