I use Chipolos as my checklist

Since I’m a freelance photographer and a designer with full time job, obviously I’m in a constant hurry. I’m not a very organized person which is obvious if you look inside my purse. But I’d rather you wouldn’t. I keep a gazillion things in it. And they are not organized. At all! So when I’m in a hurry I literally swipe all the things from my desk into my purse. So when I’m headed towards my car (in a fast “oshitimlateagain” manner), I’m never sure if I really took all the essentials (office keys, my I-pad, my wallet and my work flash drive) with me. Before I had Chipolo, I had to go through all of my stuff to make sure. It took me a lot of time, especially if I noticed that I forgot something in my house and had to go back and search for it. But with Chipolo, I just use my phone and ring all my Chipolos to make sure that everything is in my purse. And if it’s not, I immediately know where the missing piece is.

I just adore Chipolo! And the design is also very chic which is very important to me, since I’m a designer myself. It’s clean and simple.


Cate, Chicago