How Chipolo saved my business trip to the big apple.

Sunday, 5 am, I’ve got a plane to catch. I overslept (well, who plans these flight so early on Sundays?) and now I’m in a frenzy, packing the last things in my luggage. Clothes, check. Passport, check.  Phone, check. Laptop bag… Oh, come on, not now, I’m late as it is and I’m not even fully awake.

I need my laptop bag. It’s got my computer and the most important documents my career in it. The boss is taking me and another girl to New York, to meet and sign a contract with an important client. This is not a drill, this is serious.

A few months ago I would flip out, wake my boyfriend and turn the apartment around, but today that’s not a problem. I unlock my Lumia, run the Chipolo app and something starts beeping. Without even turning on the lights I follow the sound and find my laptop bag waiting for me in the hallway.

Whew, I almost panicked for no reason. We managed to get on the plane in time, the meeting with our client went as planned and the boss even took us to see some Big Apple sights.

I’m glad I have a bunch of Chipolos on all my important things. They always save me like that.

Kate, Texas