Great shopping, fancy cocktails and one (almost) lost handbag.

My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to London for my birthday this year. And that’s not all. The trip came with a gift certificate for a certain handbag I really wanted for some time now, but couldn’t really afford it. I am an aspiring fashion designer and while I hope my taste is in the right place, I don’t earn a lot of money.

I was so excited when we took and exit to Oxford Street from the Tube and turned left to the store. When I finally got the bag, we went to celebrate in a local pub. After a few cocktails and some great London beers we took off for some touristy sightseeing with a ride on that double-decker bus, a few tube rides and a walk to Big Ben.

I was having such a good time that I realized I left my new handbag along with my wallet and passport somewhere, but I had no idea where.

I was about to cry when I remembered I still have my iPhone with me. I opened the Chipolo app and clicked on Mr. Snow (that’s the name of my Chipolo that I wear in my wallet).  It showed me the last known location of my bag – the pub where all this started. I was lucky, a nice waitress saved the bag for me. We had another round of cocktails and beers and she got a generous tip.

Lucy, California