Chipolo keeps me from going insane


When our firstborn came along, my wife and I were under slept. I don’t know who, but one of us must have put her keys into the ice cube container in the freezer without realizing. Anyone wondering what the temperature sensor on the Chipolo is good for? THIS is your answer.

I wish I had my beloved Red Chipolo then. It’s been out of a car window, lost under car seats, found inside a pillowcase, inside an old pair of boots (that we’re going to be thrown out) in my wife’s handbag and most importantly deep in my heart. It’s kept me from going insane and has become essential.

Trust me, if you’re considering buying one, just do it. You won’t realize how much you need it until you’ve got it.

Loughlan, Australia



*Family pack is on discount until 14th March 2016.