Chipolo brought me to the best burger and beer in this part of Europe


I come from Slovenia. A county in a heart of Europe where Chipolo is made. We are small and there is only 2 million of people here, so we try to support our local projects as much as possible. Of course I bought some Chipolos the first time I saw it on the national news.

Some days ago I lost my pocket lighter with the Chipolo attached to it. It must have slipped out of my pocket when I was holding 2 bags of groceries in one hand and digging through my pocket for car keys with the other. When I came back to the last known location the Chipolo app was showing, I didn’t find anything.

I was walking with my son around the parking lot, from the store on one side to a small burger joint on the other, when my phone suddenly started beeping and vibrating. I ask the guy behind the counter at burger joint about my stuff. He reached under the counter and with no words hands me my lighter with the Chipolo attached to it. Someone must have seen the lighter on the floor and took it to this place called “Hood Burger”.

It was around lunch time, so we decided to try the burger there. I was blown away. The best burger and beer I’ve ever had.

Thanks Chipolo for saving my stuff (again) and thanks for showing me the best burger in this part of Europe that was before my nose all this time.