Chipolo App has a new feature!

Chipolo App now enables you to track your tablet on your phone or vice versa. Simply share the location data of one device with the other. This works even cross platforms, for example you can track your iPad with your Android phone.


How to track your tablet with your phone?

  1. You need Chipolo App installed on both devices.
  2. You need one Chipolo Account for each device.
  3. Go to Chipolo App on your tablet, select the device in the List menu (it now appears as a virtual Chipolo) and tap Share this device.
  4. Enter the email of the Chipolo Account that you created on your phone.
  5. After confirming the Sharing request, you will be able to track your tablet on your phone.

You can also track your phone with your tablet, or one phone with another. Any combination you can think of and is useful for your needs.


And that is not all!

You are also able to ring one device from another, send a message to appear on locked screen and see the battery life.