Back to School: No More Lost Stuff This Year

We all know how stressful the new school year can be. For both parents and children alike, going back to class can bring a multitude of things to worry about. However, with Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker, there’s one thing you and your children don’t need to fret over this time around: lost possessions.

Safe and Secure

With the hectic schedule and frantic madness that the start of term always seems to bring, it’s all too easy for your child’s personal belongings to go astray. Losing an expensive smartphone or vital piece of athletic gear isn't exactly the best way for your kids to focus on the important things that academic life demands.

So, what is Chipolo, and how does it help to bring peace of mind for you and your children? Chipolo is a coin sized gadget you can attach to keys, bags or any other part of your kid’s school gear. It connects to the app on your smartphone, using Bluetooth technology.

You can connect up to nine Chipolo tags, making sure you can link up all your own and your children’s possessions via just one account.

Elegant Design

The beauty of Chipolo really shines in, well, its beauty. We’re sure your fashion-conscious young ones will be eager to adopt this new popular and vibrant technology. And with nine different colors and the minimalist vibe of the Chipolo, they won’t be the only ones doing so.

There When Your Child Needs It

Now you know what the Chipolo is, but how does it work when something does go missing? There are a few things the Chipolo can do:

  • Misplaced phone in a lab class, say? No problem. Just shake your Chipolo, and even if your phone’s in silent mode, it'll ring right away. And if you’re not currently within Bluetooth range, simply log into the website app and check the location on the map.

  • What happens when you're running late for sports practice and you need that pesky locker key in a hurry? Again, no problem. Simply ring the Chipolo from your phone, and you’ll be serenaded with a tune to help you physically locate your lost possession.

  • Can’t find your home keys? Open the Chipolo app and check the last time you were near them. You’ll know where to start looking.

  • If you lose anything with your Chipolo attached - such as an art portfolio or an instrument case - and it’s not in the place you last had it anymore? Just activate our crowdsearch function, and every single Chipolo app in the world will automatically start looking for your item - and alert you to its location when a user or device passes its way.
  • There for the Whole Journey

    Unlike many other similar products on the market, the Chipolo isn’t a disposable item; it’s built to last. And where you'd normally have to throw out all your old devices and buy new ones when the battery runs empty, the Chipolo stays with you for the long haul. Chipolo has a replaceable standard battery which lasts up to six months. You even get a spare one in the packaging.

    Once you’ve chosen your Chipolo, tagged your selected items and sent your children off to face their first day back at school, you won’t need to worry about lost belongings anymore.

    If anything does go wrong, we've got you covered 24/7. Our support team is available around the clock. Just call us on our dedicated support line, or if you prefer, have a live text chat with us over at the Chipolo website.

    So don’t delay. Check out our online store today, and make sure your child’s return to school is as pleasant and secure as it can be.