5 ways to avoid being a cliché for Valentine’s Day

You know it’s coming, you don’t really like it but you can’t just ignore it. Yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here and you are probably in need for a gift idea. We prepared a guide for all of you who want to avoid being too cliché.

1.   Be self-deprecating.

Let’s say you do buy a really cliché gift to your love. For example, a dozen of roses or a stuffed animal holding a big red heart. Just make a joke line when giving it to her or him, saying: »This year I really did my best and got you something no one ever buys for Valentine’s«. It will definitely take the edge of the situation.

2.   Cook her/his favorite dinner.

Food is always a good idea if you are sure that it won’t totally suck. Even if you are not the greatest cook, your partner will appreciate that you took an effort and tried to do something nice for her/him.

3.   Write him/her a note.

Instead of buying some cheesy greeting card, use a plain paper and a pen and write whatever comes to your mind about appreciating your partner. Don’t worry too much about the design or poetic sound of your words. It’s the honesty and nice gesture that counts.

4.   Don’t ignore it!

Even if you are 100% sure that neither of you care much about Valentine’s day or even hate it, don’t just ignore it. Instead of that, do something untypical, let’s say get together with your friends, get drunk together or give her/him a funny gift, let’s say a tooth paste or a shoe lace, just to make fun of the tradition.

5.   Buy an original gift.

If you want to make an effort and give her/him something nice, but don’t want to be cheesy, think about alternative gifts. Buy something that will actually be useful for your partner and will also remind him/her about your love.


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